Mack 10 releases new weed strain “Red Gas”

The successful rapper, entrepreneur and former member of the multi-platinum group “Westside Connection” introduces his new strain “Red Gas” with the Andretti Cannabis Co.  We purchased a jar, for research purposes only of course. Is this just another rapper serving us sub-par smoke? We shall soon find out!

Yes, this is definitely GAS!

The first thing we noticed when we tested the strain was the smooth, almost fruity taste. The second thing was how fast it hit! This is definitely not a strain for novice smokers. After about 10 minutes, you are hit with a real warm feeling, then pow, you are officially high.

Grade- A

This is grade A smoke.  Coming in at 32% THC, it’s a “One Hitta Quita”

[videopress CC2BLgVW]

Weed launch at the world famous Cookies

Check out Red Gas on the Gram

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