Top 5 Gangster Rap Albums in Music History

The genre of Hip Hop labeled by mainstream media as “Gangster Rap” has polarized rap aficionados since its inception. Here is our Gangster Chronicle top 5 gangster rap albums of all time.

5. Ice Cube “Death Certificate”

Ice Cube’s best work could possibly make a strong case to be higher on the list. This album was as much political as it was gangster.

4. MC Eiht “We Come Strapped’

In the summer of 1994 MC Eiht released his his debut album “We Come Strapped” With his smooth, milky flow, and laid back demeanor, Eiht had every car from Long Beach to Oakland banging the albums hit single “All For The Money”.

3. Ice T “Rhyme Pays”

The album, especially tracks like “6 ‘N the Morning“, is considered to have defined the gangsta rap genre and pre-dates NWA. Ice T is the true “Father” of gangster rap. “Rhyme Pays” was the first album to get a parental advisory sticker.

6 ‘N The Mornin’

2. Dr. Dre “The Chronic

Dr. Dre, the undisputed king of the boards for the last 30 years in hip hop took the genre of gangster rap to another level with “The Chronic”. What’s unique about this album is it featured all brand new rappers, most notably “Snoop Doggy Dogg”, a tall lanky Crip from Long Beach who would go on to be the most recognizable rapper in all of hip hop.



1. Snoop Doggy Dogg “Doggy Style”

Calvin “Snoop Doggy Dogg” Broadus emerged as a can’t miss hip-hop prospect. The tall, lanky, Long Beach resident crept through the hood and delivered a scene-stealing performance on “Deep Cover,” Andre “Dr. Dre” Young’s first post-N.W.A single, in April of 1992. By the end of the year, he was prominently featured on The Chronic, Dre’s genre-redefining cultural phenomenon of a debut album. And nearly one year later, he released Doggystyle, arguably the most anticipated hip-hop album of all time.

Why we picked this as number 1

Snoop Dogg seemed to have been born for the spotlight, with an aura of charisma that radiates off of him when he talks, let alone when he raps. When he did pick up the mic, he made everything look easy. He utilized a silky, conversational flow that made it seem like his raps just spilled out of him without much effort. Snoop easily did much of the lyrical heavy lifting on The Chronic, featuring front-and-center on most of the album’s singles. He left the audience clamoring for more, demanding a swift follow-up solo project. With Doggystyle, Snoop gave his fans both what they wanted and needed.

There are similarities in how Straight Outta Compton paved the way for Eazy-E’s Eazy-Duz-It when you consider how The Chronic opened up a lane for Doggystyle. Both albums introduced a charismatic emcee with a distinctive voice and presence. And while The Chronic is stronger overall, Doggystyle is the better-structured album.

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I can hear you out there complaining about this list. Let us see what your top 5?


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