J. Prince details crooked D.E.A. agent Jack Shumacher attempting to take his life

Rap-A-Lot records C.E.O. J. Prince sat down with the “Gangster Chronicles” podcast to discuss his battle’s with law enforcement, his brothers imprisonment, his success in boxing and much more.

The entrepreneurs life was in real danger, but J. Prince was ready for the smoke!

The Rap-A-Lot records C.E.O. had to travel in a caravan of trusted homies in order to secure his well being after several run in’s with crooked alphabet boys.

Help comes from an unexpected source

Senator Maxine Waters came to J. Prince’s aid and quickly put an end to the non-sense.

J.Prince gives details. Check out the following clip.

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The Gangster Chronicles podcast drops every Thursday. To hear the whole episode, hit this link.


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